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Commercial Inspection

Property Condition Assessment and Property Condition Report


Commercial Property Condition Assessment (PCA) & Commercial Property Inspection 

What is the difference between a Commercial Property Condition Assessment (PCA) and a Commercial Property Inspection or Commercial Building Inspection

Commercial Property Inspection

A commercial property inspection is a visual examination of a property to determine its value, condition, and necessary repairs. The inspector will look for structural deficiencies, safety hazards, and other critical issues. The Inspector will also review documents related to the property, such as repair records, maintenance records, and lease agreements.

The inspector will generate a report about the condition of the property. This report can provide the information needed to make an educated buying / selling or leasing decision.

Property Condition Assessment / Report

A Property Condition Assessment, followed by a Property Condition Report, is an evaluation of the short and 1-5 year costs  to operate the building.

A Property Condition Assessment, followed by a Property Condition Report, evaluates the short-term and 1-5-year costs to operate the building.

A Property Condition Report is a written evaluation of the capital expenses that will likely be required to maintain an asset in the short- and long-term.


The standard scope of work for the Property Condition Assessment includes a walk-through survey of the property to assess the condition of building systems, components, and other property improvements, along with interviews and document reviews regarding the age and condition of property improvements.

Maintenance Schedule Plan Services

Our services provide customized maintenance schedule plans for efficient upkeep of facilities and properties. Our professional team identifies maintenance requirements, creating proactive plans to minimize breakdowns and maximize asset lifespan. Keep your operations running smoothly with our reliable Commercial Property Inspectors schedule plan services.

Maintaining your property properly will cost less over time than fixing issues that come to the surface. Also, this is the best way to protect your investment.

Commercial Property Condition Assessment (PCA) 

•Basic Accessibility Compliance Review.

•Property History Review.

•Adjacent Property Utilization Review.

•Building Plans and Specification Review.

•Facility Owner/Operator Interviews.

•Systems Typical and Expected Life Cycles.

•Immediate, Short-term, and Extended Time

•Frame Cost Analysis for major repairs and  Maintenance

Commercial Property Inspection 

•Typically shorter time frame for scheduling. 

•Generally lower cost than a full PCA/PCR.

•Plan for necessary maintenance and repair costs.

•Aid in identifying potential safety issues.

•Identify Items of deferred maintenance. 

•Solicit estimates from qualified licensed contractors. 

•Follow-up inspections to inspect repairs/upgrades. 

•Follow-up questions as long as you own the property.

Commercial Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

•Provide required documentation to satisfy requirements

•Plan for necessary maintenance/repair costs.

•Plan for future build-out improvements or upgrades.

•Aid in identifying potential safety/accessibility issues. 

•Identify Items of deferred maintenance.

•Solicit estimates from qualified licensed contractors.

•Follow-up inspections to inspect repairs/upgrades.

•Follow-up questions as long as you own the property.

Opinion of Probable Cost

An Opinion of Probable Cost can be added to any inspection that we do

An Opinion of Probable Cost can be added to any inspection that we do

Our professional inspectors evaluate the property, identifying any areas that require correction or improvement. Once the inspection is complete, we compile a comprehensive report that includes a breakdown with an Opinion of Probable Cost for each identified issue. This breakdown typically includes the projected costs for materials, labor, permits, and any additional professional services that may be necessary to rectify the problems. The items identified will be classed into three categories. Immediate estimated repair costs, 1 year estimated costs and 5 Year estimated repair costs.

We will also work to identify the remaining life of the major building systems/components.

By referring to our Opinion of Probable Cost, clients gain valuable insights into the financial implications associated with bringing their commercial property up to the desired standard. This information empowers them to make informed decisions about budgeting, negotiation, and prioritization of corrective actions.

Our team at Commercial Inspection Pros has extensive experience and expertise in estimating costs for commercial property repairs and improvements. We take into account factors such as the scope of work, market rates, and industry standards to provide accurate and reliable estimates.

With our Opinion of Probable Cost, clients can proactively plan for necessary repairs, budget effectively, and ensure the financial feasibility of their property investments. Count on Commercial Inspection Pros to provide you with the professional guidance you need to make informed decisions about your commercial property.

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